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SubjectRe: Athlon cooling
Joel Jaeggli wrote:

> in the apm setup...
> clock throttling is a subject of some debate on the linux kernel list... ;)
> but the apm idle call will at least idle the cpu once the idle loop has
> been running for a while.
> joelja
> On Thu, 8 Nov 2001, David Grant wrote:
>>There is a program for Windows called CPUIdle, which cools the Athlon
>>tremendoulsy. I can get my temp. from 52C down to 36C. It makes the CPU
>>truly go idle. Is there anything like this for Linux, and I'm wondering if
>>anyone knows the instructions (and/or signals) which could be used to put
>>the Athlon into this state. I guess it's more of a question for some APM
>>guys, but I thought some people here might know the interface to the Athlon,
>>and might thus know how this software cooling works. Actually the low-level
>>apm stuff is part of the kernel right? so maybe this is on-topic.
>>David Grant

It has been discused before, it seems that the athlon needs another step
to really enter in power saving mode, I can't remember the details, but
I think it was a pci register, and I also remember that some people saw
corrupts pci tranfer, namely the exact situation was grabbing with a TV

So the decision was that if this corrupted pci transfers from a tv card
it could do the same with a pci ide controler, and that was not
considered safe.

But you should crawl the archives for the same url.

Jorge Nerin

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