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SubjectRe: Abysmal interactive performance on 2.4.linus
Also sprach Jeff Garzik:
>Can you try 2.4.13ac6 (not 7/8), and 2.2.20, and post a comparison?

Well, as the system is partly reiserfs-based, 2.2.20 is a bit difficult. I've
run the -ac series before trying the 'linus' kernels, and noticed similar
performance problems (but not as severe). I don't have any hard numbers yet,
will try to get some if at all possible (it would be like comparing apples to

[ given the nature of the problem - weird delays during file system activity -
those numbers will be more or less meaningless. This is not a matter of
'better' performance on a given hardware platform, but one of 'abysmal'
performance versus 'normal' performance. It doesn't really matter how long
the observed delays are, the problem lies in the fact that those delays are
there in the first place... ]

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