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SubjectAutomount FS re-exported via NFS fails
I have a situation where I have a set of file systems that are automounted by 
the automount file system in 2.4.x under /misc. I'd like to make those file
systems available via NFS from machine.

In the ideal case, I would have something like this in /etc/exports:
/misc (rw)

Thus, a client machine could mount server:/misc as /somedir, and then cause a
filesystem to be mounted by accessing /somedir/some_auto_filesystem.

However, that doesn't work, as the NFSD seems to want to do a getfh() IOCTL on
the auto file system, and autofs doesn't seem to support that IOCTL.

(I can work around this by explicitly exporting each possible file system under
/misc, and allowing clients to mount them directly, but this isn't the greatest

First, is anybody working on this? If not, I may try my hand at it.

Second, if nobody is working on it, anybody have pointers on a good file system
to model a getfh() for autofs on?

Please CC me, as I'm not currently subscribed to the list.

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