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SubjectRe: 2.2.20-ide patches
> Mike,
> I have never created any 2.2.20 patches, and I have little or no plans to
> backport anything else. With 2.5 on the verge and I have no consulting
> clients asking for 2.2.X as of this date, it is not practical for me to do
> such a task. However, should your company wish to pay for the work great.
> See the reality is the game of doing things for kicks is almost over,
> because it was all done with other people's money. I am sorry but there
> are no more other peoples' free money out there. Where free development
> meant that somebody else was paying the bills.

My company is a cheap group of people :D They don't pay their support
staff(read: me!) even close to market rate, so I couldn't expect them to
go pay for something they think is free as in free beer. I already have a
supervisor pushing to replace these machines with overpriced Compaq NT
servers. :/

> I am quite serious given that I am guessing that ::
> "The Windsor Machine Group"
> has benefitted in the past and depends on the subsystem now heavily.

I can do without it until 2.4.x becomes stable. My only use of it is on
one or two machines with broken bios's that if i upgrade, should become
compliant with the large hard drive that is in there now. I don't use the
Promise controllers yet, so that removes my other reason to use the ide
patches. I can't rely on the ide patches actually, because of the HP
Colorado 7/14 and 10/20's in service, which break when the machine is

> In the world of Linux and everything else, money drives product.
> Oh and I expect to get huge flames and heat over this issue, but everyone
> know that I have taken the worst and dished the most of the former two
> items. Someday when I have nothing better to do, I may consider.

I see your point, and don't disagree with it, you've put a lot of work
into this.

Thank you for your work,
Mike Dresser

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