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SubjectRe: SiS630 and 5591/5592 AGP

Alright, AFAIK it's like this:

The SiS630 - although only one chip - contains a real bunch of
components, such as SiS300 (vga), SiS900 (network) etc. In general, all
the SiS "chips" that list in lspci are actually part of the SiS630.

The vga component, as said, the SiS300, is capable of using either
direct vga output (standard vga connector) as well a video bridge, most
of the cases SiS301.

The SiS301 is responsible for controlling TV-out and LCD panels.

The problem with the current driver for Linux (kernel) and XFree ist,
that SiS did not release any (up-to-date) data sheets on the SiS301.

Thus nobody knows how to tell the SiS300 how to tell the SiS301 that it
should enable output on - let's say - a LCD panel.

The current work-around is as Stuart said: We are forced to use VESA (ie
the BIOS) to set up a display on the LCD panel. Apart from the display
(mode) setup, the xfree sis_drv.o works perfectly. (The same applies for
SiS630 on standard CTR on vga connector; this works even without a

I've been using Stuart's patch for quite a while now and it works


Thomas Winischhofer
Vienna/Austria Check it out:
ICQ #63288080

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