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SubjectRe: Regression testing of 2.4.x before release?
"Timothy D. Witham" wrote:
> ...
> I agree having the users run their applications and under their usage
> model is a very good way of testing code drops. Dan, I think that what
> you are trying to say is that it might be a good idea to take a group
> of tests and make them the standard set of "pass/fail" that people
> should look to before doing their own testing.

More like a safety net. It'd help make sure we didn't forget something
> Regression type pass/fail tests don't tend to have the benchmark
> optimization issue but like any test they usually only find the
> problems that you either already have had in the past or that are
> obvious. Not complete but they should be dynamic environment that
> things are being added to all the time. Also the nice part about a
> knows series of tests is that if a problem pops up it is much
> easier to reproduce for debugging purposes.


> > 2. The STP at OSDLab seems like a great resource that we might be able
> > to leverage to solve the problem Alan points out.
> The nice part about the way that STP was designed is that it is
> extensible. If somebody comes up with another test we can add it.
> If we need to add additional equipment to get the run times down
> to a usable level then that is easy to do also.
> > I'm not suggesting anyone do any less testing. Just the opposite;
> > if we set things up properly with the STP, we might be able to run
> > many more tests before each final release.
> We are in the process of setting up the Kernel STP to automatically
> grab the Linus and -ac kernels and run the full setup. This will
> do part of what Dan is asking for and it will also allow people who
> are looking to supply patches a baseline for there patch testing.

That's super! Thanks, Tim!

At some point it might be nice to also use the STP to help
speed gcc 3 development, too. (I personally am really
looking forward to the day when I can use the same compiler
for both c++ and kernel.)

- Dan
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