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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] fix loop with disabled tasklets
    I'm just guessing: the scheduler isn't yet functional when
    spawn_ksoftirqd is called. This is clearly a sparc32 bug, because
    swapn_ksoftirqd is called via the __initcall section and the scheduler
    must be fully functional by that time. Unrelated to the fact ksoftirqd
    can loop on disabled tasklets, the ksoftirqd startup is only an innocent
    trigger for the deadlock.

    Mathijs, can you verify that? If my theory is right need_resched isn't
    set even if ksoftirqd loops forever. It could be one of those two

    1) the timer irq isn't running yet
    2) "current" isn't functional

    The softirq code shouldn't really be the culprit of the sparc32
    deadlock (as Alexey pointed out).

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