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Subjectide floppy iomega zip driver or vfat?
I found a bug in iomega zip drives internal 100 meg drives.  It seems to
be in 2.4.x kernels. I am not sure which ones work and which ones do
not. Currently I am using 2.4.14 and saw this in 2.4.9 to 2.4.14.

I mount the zip drive floppy like "mount /mnt/zip100.0" I then try to
copy a file to that drive and the copy fails and the cp command becomes
defunct. It cannot be killed with kill -9 or kill -TERM. I cannot shut
the system down as it is trying to access the drive.

It seems that using the mount /mnt/zip100.0 command mounts the drive as
vfat which causes this problem. If I do an explicit mount "mount -t
msdos /dev/hdd4 /zip100.0" it works better.

In either case using eject to eject the drive also hangs as dmesg shows
lots of the following:

hdd: lost interrupt
ide-floppy: CoD != 0 in idefloppy_pc_intr
hdd: ATAPI reset complete

Then I just kill eject and then try umount <drive> and it says "driver
not mounted"

Ideas? Thanks

Joe (not on the lkm list)

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