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SubjectRe: Nazi kernels
Alan Cox mentioned the following:

| > Thank You guys for Your work. I'm say goodbye to linux community,
| > because nazi kernel's don't allow me to load modules needed for my
| > graphic card. What will be next, maybe you disable to run non GPL
| > executables under linux ?
| Actually no. We are researching how to stop trolls posting to the kernel
| list as our main AI project.

I wrote a Bayesian classifier in Perl for newsgroup articles, (you trained
it on some known articles, then tried to classify some unknowns and saw
how well it guessed based purely on the words found in each post), I see
no reason why you can't refine it to guess which posts are trolls or
not. :-)

"Phase plasma rifle in a forty-watt range?"
"Only what you see on the shelves, buddy."

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