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SubjectRe: PROPOSAL: /proc standards (was dot-proc interface [was: /proc (Ricky Beam)  wrote on 07.11.01 in <>:

> As for code maint. and kernel changes breaking things... both happen already
> with the text based system. Binary structures can be constructed to be
> extensible without breaking old tools. Plus, the information exported from
> the kernel (in the case of processes) need not change with every version
> of the kernel.

And the exact same thing can be done with ASCII, too - only easier.

> I don't think people realize just how many CPU cycles are being needlessly
> expended in passing information between the kernel and the user. When I
> have the time, I'll add binary interfaces for various things and show
> exactly how expensive the existing system is -- all for the sake of being
> able to use 'cat' and 'grep'.

I consider those cycles *very* well spent. Being able to use those common
tools is rather important to very many people.

Let's write a /proc ASCII coding rules document. It should document well a
few (*very* few) generic formats to use for new entries, and big fat
warnings about ever changing the format of existing tables, and it should
be easy to find in /Documentation/ - and we should immediately jump on
anyone who violates it without, in advance, discussing the problem he's
trying to solve, and convincing us that they can't be solved any other

I don't much care how those formats look, as long as they're easy to parse
and to extend compatibly, and *few*.

MfG Kai
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