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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] take 2 of the tr-based current
    Anton Blanchard wrote:

    >I changed the code a bit so that get_cpu() is now inline - this
    >represents our situation better. I think it is valid for gcc to cache
    >get_cpu across a function call in the below example because it knows
    >that get_cpu does not refer to any global variables.
    You are right: it seems that gcc internally decides if an inline
    function is const or pure.

    static inline int get_TR(void)
    int reg;
    __asm__ (
    "rep; nop;\n\t"
    "xor %0,%0\n\t"
    : "=r" (reg));
    return ret;

    is always optimized as if get_TR is a function with __attribute__((const)).

    Ben, is it intentional that get_TR is _not_ marked as inline? Your
    version produces explicit function calls with -O2, and incorrect code
    with -O99 (gcc decides to inline get_TR even without an inline
    directive, and then optimizes away the calls after schedule.)

    It seems that Anton's version generates the best code.
    I've tested the attached version with egcs-1.1.2, gcc-2.96-98 and
    gcc3-3.0.1-3, with -O0, -O2 and -O99.


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