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SubjectRe: [PATCH] take 2 of the tr-based current
Anton Blanchard wrote:

>>No. const == never changes.
>>get_TR changes if a task calls schedule, and return on another cpu.
>Yes, I found this exact problem on ppc64 where we would cache the
>processor data area across a schedule(). What was interesting was that
>__attribute__ ((pure)) was not enough to fix this.
>static inline struct Paca *get_paca(void) __attribute__ ((pure));
>static inline struct Paca *get_paca(void)
> struct Paca *rval;
> __asm__ ("mfspr %0,0x113" : "=r" (rval));
> return rval;
>Alan Modra came to the rescue and found that gcc was optimising too much
>and since the function did not touch any global variables, it would
>upgrade the pure to const. This was on gcc 3.0.X.
But the function called schedule - mustn't gcc assume that schedule
writes into global variables?
As far as I can see that sounds like a gcc bug.

Could you try how many get_cpu calls are generated by the attached testapp?
the i386 RH compilers generate correct code:
gcc-2.96-98: 4 calls.
gcc3-3.0.1-3: 2 calls.

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