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Subject[RFC-ONT (on topic)] Modprobe enhancement (was Re: "Dance of the Trolls")

This is a great suggestion. You should ping Keith Owens (does he own
modutils, I think so) and make it happen. A much desireable change.


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From: "Anton Altaparmakov" <>
To: "Michael H. Warfield" <>
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Sent: Sunday, November 11, 2001 5:07 AM
Subject: [Very-OT] Re: Nazi kernels

> On Sun, 11 Nov 2001, Michael H. Warfield wrote:
> > Oh, but you missed the mark! Think Windows XP. Now there's
> > the ticket. If you aren't a Windows XP certified driver, they can
> > just wipe your driver right off the face of the system... All in the
> > name of "stability" (as they define it). None of this nonsense of
> > merely flagging if their OS has a non-sanctified driver like Linux.
> > Linux lets the driver load and run, it merely lets people KNOW that
> > it's an un-sanctified driver when shit catches fire and burns. You
> > know MS. MS thinks Linux is just a bunch of whimps. Screw just letting
> > the user know AFTER something burps and burns. That's TOO complicated
> > for a user to figure out and MS has to be "user friendly". MS is for
> > men with balls (and no brains)... Just burn the driver BEFORE it has
> > a chance to run. Yeah! That's the ticket!
> Let's not get carried away. Windows XP does allow you to install anything
> you like. You just have to click several times on the Yes button when it
> asks things like "This driver is not XP certified. Do you really want to
> use it?" and "Installing a non-certified driver can cause system
> instability. Are you sure you want to do this?" (text is probably not
> quite right but you get the idea).
> I think we ought to do the same with closed source drivers. It's true
> after all... The whole point of tainting the kernel is so we can just yell
> at users to go and bug the vendor. So the modprobe executable could warn
> the user "hey, you are loading a binary only module, it can break the
> system, are you sure?". If the module is autoloaded we don't do jumping
> through hoops asking questions so the systen runs smoothly.
> Best regards,
> Anton
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