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SubjectRe: [RFC-ONT (on topic)] Modprobe enhancement (was Re: "Dance of the Trolls")
On Sun, Nov 11, 2001 at 04:49:46PM -0700, Jeff V. Merkey wrote:
> Anton,
> This is a great suggestion. You should ping Keith Owens (does he own
> modutils, I think so) and make it happen. A much desireable change.

Only if you can turn it off (ie a -[Yy] flag) as I don't really want my
boot sequence to hang just because I bought a geforce card so that I
could play my 3d games nice and fast.

And well, since you may need to turn it off so that your boot sequence
doesn't hang (and more often then not that's where you'll first install
the module) then it makes the option rather useless.

Then there's the autoload feature. Do I really want to have my
mount /cdrom command hang on me because somewhere something wants to ask
me a question? Will this all be interfaced with X so that a prompt comes

Again, you'd wind up turning it off which makes it less useful still.

(Unless, ofcourse, I'm missing something)

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it. Each time my wife initiates sex, these ejaculating hippos keep
floating through my mind."
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