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    SubjectRe: [RFT] final cur of tr based current for -ac8
    On Sat, Nov 10, 2001 at 05:33:31PM -0500, Benjamin LaHaise wrote:

    > Thanks... I seem to have blotched the SMP side of things (again) which this
    > might fix (including the symbol export from you). Also, Michael Barabanov
    > came up with a patch using the same trick, although I haven't seen it.

    You forgot -N option of diff :

    Only in v2.4.13-ac8+tr.4/include/linux: per_cpu.h

    Testing on my SMP box would be a bit awkward (not set up ppp/serial, so would have
    to transfer patches from 2.4.5 by floppy ;) but if you need an SMP test done,
    just shout.

    On the UP box, the previous patch has now survived several hours under very heavy
    NMI load, so I assume it's good.


    "I know I believe in nothing but it is my nothing"
    - Manic Street Preachers
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