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SubjectANN: Linux-NTFS 1.4.0 released
This is to announce release of Linux-NTFS user space support tools 1.4.0.

Most important changes:

mkntfs now support creation of NTFS floppies and the root directory on
volumes with cluster sizes > 4kiB are now created correctly.

ntfsfix now supports Windows XP (NTFS 3.1) volumes.

Linux-NTFS packages (your choice of source tar.gz or rpm, binary i386.rpm
and devel rpm) can be downloaded from the Linux-NTFS home page at:

Or if you prefer CVS access, look at the project home page on Sourceforge
for details how to access the CVS server:


1.4.0: Major fix in mkntfs, small update to ntfsfix, and other updates.

- Update ntfsfix to support Windows XP NTFS volumes (NTFS 3.1).
- Update layout.h with more information.
- (Re)enable shared libraries.
- Changes to mkntfs:
- Correct handling of directories on volumes with cluster sizes
above 4096 bytes.
- Lower minimum size of NTFS partitions to 1MiB, scaling down the
logfile size as necessary.
- Support a wider range of input parameters. Now should have all
valid combinations covered.
- Update man page.
- Implement better determination of device size.
- Various bug fixes.

1.2.2: Small fix in mkntfs and minor updates.
- Small fix in mkntfs for small volumes with non-standard sector sizes,
where the default values would result in a sector size smaller than the
sector size and mkntfs would refuse to run because of this. The man page
was updated accordingly.
- Minor updates/clarifications to include/layout.h.

1.2.1: Added ntfsfix man page and minor cleanup.
- David Martínez Moreno <> donated a man page for
ntfsfix as well as spelling mistake fixes all over the place.

1.2.0: Important bug fixes to mkntfs.
- Bug fixes for cluster sizes > 4kb involving corrections to mft mirror
size and contents, mft data attribute position and mft bitmap
size. Some of those were nasty so this is a major improvement.

For older changes, see the ChangeLog file in the release or in CVS.

Best regards,


"I've not lost my mind. It's backed up on tape somewhere." - Unknown
Anton Altaparmakov <aia21 at> (replace at with @)
Linux NTFS Maintainer / WWW:
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