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SubjectRe: Numbers: ext2/ext3/reiser Performance (ext3 is slow)
In article <> you wrote:

> Hello !

> Anyone has an idea, why this ext3 "fails" at this specific test while on
> normal fs-benchmarks it is much better ?

ext3 by default imposes stricter ordering than the other journalling
filesystems in order to improve _data_ consistency (as opposed to just
the guarantee of consistent metadata as most other filesystems do).
if you mount the filesystem with

mount -t ext3 -o data=writeback /dev/foo /mnt/bar

will make it use the same level of guarantee as reiserfs does.

mount -t ext3 -o data=journal /dev/foo /mnt/bar

will do FULL data journalling and will also guarantee data integrety after a

Arjan van de Ven
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