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SubjectRe: Networking: repeatable oops in 2.4.15-pre2
J Sloan ( wrote:
> I have been running the 2.4.15-pre kernels and
> have found an interesting oops. I can reproduce
> it immediately, and reliably, just by issuing an ssh
> command (as a normal user).

I'm currently running Linux 2.4.15-pre2 and have no troubles with ssh. I can
safely login onto other hosts, or issuing commands like
ssh -l someuser@somehost mutt
or copy files
scp somefile someuser@somehost:

I'm not using OpenSSH 3.0 yet (2.9p2). I'm not running any firewall or
transparent proxying.

PS My apologies that this reply isn't like it should be (no Message-ID to
what it is replying) but I've removed the mail before I could reply...

Taking advice on what the GPL means from Microsoft is like taking
Stalin's word on the meaning of the US Constitution. ~(Eben Moglen)
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