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SubjectProblem. 2.4.13-ac7 ; FIFO write timed out


I have read a long thread about the similar problem
report for 2.4.0-pre kernel, but I am not sure if the
problem has been fixed. I still got that.

Description: If I set my LPT1 in Bios mode EPP+ECP dma
3; printing to HP laser Jet 6L I got the following
error message in syslog

FIFO write timed out
Nov 10 22:36:32 kieu kernel: parport0: FIFO is stuck
Nov 10 22:36:32 kieu kernel: parport0: BUSY timeout
(1) in compat_write_block_pio
Nov 10 22:36:32 kieu kernel: lp0 off-line

If I press the online button on the printer, it prints
but data loss (only half of the image printed) then it
stops printing again until I push online button one
more time so on...;

All problem is gone if I reset LPT1 in bios in PCSPP

I am using debian testing with apsfilter (using cat to
send data to lpt1)

Pls help

PS: pls cc me as I am not subscribed to the list!

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