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SubjectRe: Total lockup with 2.4.14
> > I've had 3 total lockups with kernel 2.4.12 and now one with 2.4.14.
> >
> > I was online at the time, using Acroread on this occasion. No key would
> > work, nor would the mouse.
> >
> > This doesn't seem to happen with the Alan Cox patches, so perhaps it is
> > something to do with VM.
> >
> Don't assume that.
> The -ac patch includes many more things than just the previous VM.
> You should include the Oops, if it did oops.
> Also, you should include your .config, and a "lspci -vv" of the affected
> system.

It would also make sense to make sure it's in fact a kernel lock up.
>From time to time X may lock up _but_ the machine pings and you
can gain access via ssh/telnet and try to fix it by shutting down
X from there...

Tommi "Kynde" Kyntola
/* A man alone in the forest talking to himself and
no women around to hear him. Is he still wrong? */

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