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SubjectRe: scsi BLKGETSIZE breakage in -pre2
At 13:57 10/11/01, Alan Cox wrote:
> > sd_ioctl() was changed to pass BLKGETSIZE off to blk_ioctl(),
> > but blk_ioctl() doesn't implement it.
> >
> > So `cfdisk /dev/sda' is failing.
> >
> > Simply copying the -ac version of blkpg.c across fixes
> > it for me.
>I'm feeding Linus stuff bit by bit - I managed to misorder that one.

It has one positive side: mkntfs failed so I finally got round to
implementing device size determination via binary lseek search (a la
e2fsutils library) and I can test it without having to modify the mkntfs
source by booting into -pre2. (-:


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