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SubjectRe: cache acoounting in Linus tree
On Sat, 10 Nov 2001, J . A . Magallon wrote:
> Does Linus' tree need the cache accounting patch ? Listed below. Please,
> confirm or deny....
> --- linux-2.4.13-ac5/fs/proc/proc_misc.c.blkpg Wed Oct 31 13:09:51 2001
> +++ linux-2.4.13-ac5/fs/proc/proc_misc.c Wed Oct 31 13:12:27 2001

Deny. That's the patch Rik rightly posted for -ac, to remove some
code which was appropriate only to -linus, because of other changes
in -linus omitted from -ac: it fixed the meminfo Cached field in -ac.

The meminfo Cached field in -linus also sometimes went wrong. Mike
Fedyk pursued that issue, Andrew Morton identified it as a wrong
line of code in the ext3 patch for -linus, and that line is not
(he has just assured us) in ext3 as it appears in 2.4.15-pre2.

So, no further patch required.


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