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SubjectInsanely high "Cached" value
My system has been running a little over twelve days now, and I just
noticed that the "Cached" value in both 'free' and /proc/meminfo is
insanely high. This wasn't the case the last time I checked, which was
probably a day ago.

Just before checking it this time, I ran a "du -s *" in /usr, which
generated a lot of I/O, as it to be expected. Perhaps the large amount
of I/O has uncovered a bug of some sort?

This is kernel 2.4.13 (hopefully it's not something that's already been
reported and fixed; I haven't seen it if is has) patched with ext3, kdb,
lm_sensors, and the pre-empt patch. Seems likely to be only a simple VM
problem, however, and an asthetic one at that.
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