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SubjectRe: [Patch] Re: Nasty suprise with uptime
On Thu, Nov 01, 2001 at 10:34:53AM -0500, Richard B. Johnson wrote:
> Well not exactly zealots. I test a lot of stuff. In fact, the code
> you propose:
> if(++jiffies==0) jiffies_hi++;
> ... actually works quite well:

Uhm, no, it really doesn't. See how it pairs with other instructions and
what the cost is when it doesn't have to be as bad:

unsigned long a, b;
if (++a == 0) b++;
movl a, %eax
movl %esp, %ebp
incl %eax
testl %eax, %eax
movl %eax, a
je .L3
popl %ebp
.p2align 4,,7
incl b
jmp .L2

which is really gross considering that:

unsigned long long c;


addl $1, c
adcl $0, c+4

which is quite excellent.

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