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SubjectRe: Bind to protocol with AF_PACKET doesn't work for outgoing packets

> When you e.g. have a TCP sniffer it makes sense to only bind it to ETH_P_IP.

For what purpose? To add a small underdeveloped copy of BPF?

If it was an optimization I would understand this of course.
But you propose deoptimization. :-)

> Do you worry about the handling of hundreds of packet sockets?

I worry about _one_ packet socket, which implements a protocol
in user space. And only about this. It is what packet sockets
are used for.

And I do want to see any refs to it in irrelevant place, which output path is.

To summarize: I wanted to see a patch allowing to detect that
nobody listens on outpu (or even splitting input and output ptype_all.)
So that it becomes possible to use ETH_P_ALL to listen
for all frames, but not to abuse output path.

Opposite is just non-sense with no applications.

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