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SubjectRe: Intel EEPro 100 with kernel drivers
Andrey Savochkin:
> Well, with eepro100 the start may be the following:
> 1. When the card stalls, start ping from that host.
> This way you ensure that you have something in transmit ring.
> If it's transmitting that stalls, you'll get a message from netdev watchdog.

>From the server, or the client? I've already tried pinging from the server
when I get the error-message in dmesg, but it's unresponsive to anything.
And, I mean anything, network-wise. There seems to be a timeout somewhere,
because after some time, everything resumes back to normal again.

> 4. In any case, running eepro100-diag from at the moment of the
> stall may give some useful information.

OK, I'll do the test again, and run the eepro100-diag. Any special options
you want me to specify?

> 5. In any case, searching eepro100 mailing list archive on is a
> good idea, you may learn what other people observe/do.

OK, I'll search... :)

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