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SubjectRe: kbuild-2.5

> David Howells <> wrote:
> >Will kbuild get Makefiles in each subdirectory that allow
> >it to build just the things in that subdirectory tree?
> Documentation/kbuild/kbuild-2.5.txt, KBUILD TARGETS.

Okay... for users of emacs, here's an elisp function that looks to see if it's
in a subdirectory of a kernel tree (and if so whether it's kbuild or
traditional), and if so invents an appropriate command line for compiling just
in that subdir:-) Otherwise it just falls back to the usual compile function.

This can be put in a .emacs file, and can bound to a key:

(global-set-key [f5] 'kernel-compile)


(defun kernel-compile ()
"Attempt to compile the current directory as if it's part of a kernel tree,
otherwise default to normal compile."
(let ((buffile (buffer-file-name))
(if (not buffile)
;; no buffer file name
(setq cmdline (read-from-minibuffer "Compile command: "
compile-command nil nil
'(compile-history . 1)))
(compile cmdline)
;; got a buffer filename, split into directory name chunks
(setq bufbits (split-string (buffer-file-name) "/"))

;; create a function to interpose slash characters between all the
;; elements of a string list, but not to add leading of trailing
;; slashes
(setq slasher
(lambda (lst slasher)
(if (not (cdr lst))
(append (list (concat (car lst) "/"))
(apply slasher (list (cdr lst) slasher))

;; iteratively work up the directory tree from the current directory
;; looking for various marker files
(setq topdir nil)
(setq pos (length bufbits))
(while (and (> pos 1) (not topdir))
(setq pos (- pos 1))
(setq curdir (subseq bufbits 0 pos))
(setq curdir (apply slasher (list curdir slasher)))
(setq curdir (eval (append '(concat) (list "/") curdir)))
(if (and
(file-readable-p (concat curdir "/COPYING"))
(file-readable-p (concat curdir "/CREDITS"))
(file-readable-p (concat curdir "/README"))
(file-readable-p (concat curdir "/MAINTAINERS"))
(file-readable-p (concat curdir "/Makefile"))
(file-readable-p (concat curdir "/kernel/sched.c"))
(setq topdir curdir)

(if topdir
;; deal with the markers being found
(if (not (file-symlink-p (concat curdir "/include/asm")))
(error "The %s/include/asm symlink appears to be missing"

(setq subdir (subseq bufbits pos(- (length bufbits) 1)))
(setq subdir (apply slasher (list subdir slasher)))
(setq subdir (eval (append '(concat) subdir)))

;; determine whether using kbuild or not
(if (file-readable-p (concat curdir "/scripts/"))
;; kbuild
(setq cmdline (concat "make -C " topdir " " subdir))
;; traditional
(setq cmdline (concat "make -C " topdir " SUBDIRS=" subdir))
(setq cmdline (read-from-minibuffer "Kernel compile: "
cmdline nil nil
'(compile-history . 1)))
(compile cmdline)

;; deal with the markers not being found
(setq cmdline (read-from-minibuffer "Compile command: "
compile-command nil nil
'(compile-history . 1)))
(compile cmdline)

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