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SubjectRe: graphical swap comparison of aa and rik vm
I decided it would be nice to see the actual swap io as well.   since 
allocating and writing and reading are two different things. (max 24508) (max 118132) (max 24536)

finally, i redid the swap one i have posted before. This time it has correct
scaling. Because of this you'll see a final dropoff of the aa's graph to 0,
disregard it, as well as all of the 0 data in the other graphs as they're
there to keep scale correct. Everything after 52 seconds in the aa graphs is
filler. (max 290740)

All of these are larger than before due to the larger dimensions of the graph
files. feel free to mirror them if i end up not being fast enough.

On Wednesday 31 October 2001 22:18, safemode wrote:
> In an earlier post i mentioned a way of locking up my vm easily and
> repeatedly but that has since been fixed in one way or another. I reran
> the test and took vmstat 1 's of both runnings on a 2.4.14-pre6-preempt
> kernel and a 2.4.13-ac5-preempt kernel. I began both vmstat's at the same
> time (about 4 seconds before running each). What i did was run kghostview
> on a postscript file located here . It
> is 224K. kmail was loaded previously in both trials so kdeinit was already
> loaded as were all libs. After kghostview became responsive, i waited a
> few seconds (again about 5) and then exited the app.
> No other interaction or running programs were present while doing this.
> I have 771580 KB of ram and 290740 KB of swap.
> Now to explain the graphs.
> The blue is AA's vm. The red is Rik's vm. Rik's vm finished in 66
> seconds. AA's vm finished in 52 seconds. Both start at 0 swap usage. Both
> from clean boots.
> Here is the graph .
> It's about 4.6K.
> When you look at the graph it goes like this.
> The left side is 0 seconds, the right side is 66 seconds. bottom is 0KB,
> top is 290740KB.
> These are generated from data from the orignal vmstat outputs. These are
> at
> and
> I'll leave the actual interpretation of the data of both the graph and raw
> data up to those who actually know the code.
> Neadless to say that while running the test on either box, the entire
> computer became unresponsive multiple times for extended lengths of times.
> No OOM was generated on either run.
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