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SubjectExt2 directory index, updated
Here is the htree directory index patch for ext2, updated to 2.4.13.  
***N.B.: still for use on test partitions only.***

I ran it through some basic tests, up to half a million files/directory,
without problems. There are still a few minor warts to clean up, including
still not having settled on a final-final hash function, although it looks
likely that it's going to end up being dx_hack_hash, with a more respectable

I'm not 100% sure I've handled kmap/highmem correctly, and I haven't checked
that yet.

This patch is just a snapshot of my work-in-progress. There will be an
update in another day or so, and a to-do list. There are a few extra hash
functions in the code from various sources, including reiserfs and bitkeeper,
which I'll remove in the next update. Those who find this kind of thing
interesting may find these... interesting.

The patch is available at:

To apply:

cd /your/source/tree
patch -p0 <this.patch

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