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SubjectRe: new OOM heuristic failure (was: Re: VM: qsbench)
> At 22.08 01/11/01 +0100, you wrote:                                 
> >> Well, your patch works but it hurts performance :(

> >>
> >> lenstra:~/src/qsort> time ./qsbench -n 90000000 -p 1 -s 140175100

> >> 71.500u 1.790s 2:29.18 49.1% 0+0k 0+0io 18498pf+0w

> >> lenstra:~/src/qsort> time ./qsbench -n 90000000 -p 1 -s 140175100

> >> 71.460u 1.990s 2:26.87 50.0% 0+0k 0+0io 18257pf+0w

> >> lenstra:~/src/qsort> time ./qsbench -n 90000000 -p 1 -s 140175100

> >> 71.220u 2.200s 2:26.82 50.0% 0+0k 0+0io 18326pf+0w

> >> 0:55 kswapd

> >>

> >> Linux-2.4.14-pre5:

> >> lenstra:~/src/qsort> time ./qsbench -n 90000000 -p 1 -s 140175100

> >> 70.340u 3.450s 2:13.62 55.2% 0+0k 0+0io 16829pf+0w

> >> lenstra:~/src/qsort> time ./qsbench -n 90000000 -p 1 -s 140175100

> >> 70.590u 2.940s 2:15.48 54.2% 0+0k 0+0io 17182pf+0w

> >> lenstra:~/src/qsort> time ./qsbench -n 90000000 -p 1 -s 140175100

> >> 70.140u 3.480s 2:14.66 54.6% 0+0k 0+0io 17122pf+0w

> >> 0:01 kswapd

> >

> >Hello Lorenzo,

> >

> >to be honest: I expected that. The patch according to my knowledge

> >fixes a "definition hole" in the shrink_cache algorithm. I tend to
> >it is the right thing to do it this way, but I am sure it is not as

> >fast as immediate exit to swap. It would be interesting to know if
> >does hurt performance in not-near-oom environment. I'd say Andrea
> >Linus might know that, or you can try, of course :-)

To clarify this one a bit:
shrink_cache is thought to do what it says, it is given a number of
pages it should somehow manage to free by shrinking the cache. What my
patch does is go after the _whole_ list to fulfill that. One cannot
really say that this is the wrong thing to do, I guess. If it takes
time to _find_ free pages with shrink_cache, then probably the idea to
use it was wrong in the first place (which is not the fault of the
function itself). Or the number of free-pages to find is to high, or
(as a last but guess unrealistic approach) the swap_out eats the time
and shouldn't be called when nr_pages (return value) is equal to zero.
This last one could be checked (hint hint Lorenzo ;-) by simply

if (max_swapped==0)


if (max_swapped==0 && nr_pages>0)

at the end of shrink_cache.
Thinking again about this it really sounds like the right choice,
because there is no need to swap when we fulfilled the requested
number of free-pages.

You should try.

Thank you for your patience Lorenzo


PS: just fishing for lobster, Linus ;-)

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