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SubjectRE: Get hands on starting in this world.

I want to start digging into how OS is architected and built, from initail booting till final resource management, I got more theroy than practice in this world. I may more focus on computation management in distributed OS, cluster, Grid, P2P later.

Somebody has such focus?


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To: Yan, Noah
Subject: Re: Get hands on starting in this world.

On Thursday 01 November 2001 00:24, Yan, Noah wrote:

> I am a new comer to the Linux world. It is really a hard start for me when
> I dig into those OS code although I have a strong theoretic background in
> OS and computer architecture. I am now being blocking at the start_kernel
> and caliberate_delay function of Kernel 2.2.x. Also, everyday, I got
> hundreds of mail from Linux-kernel list but I cannot enjoy it.


> So could some experienced guys give some advice on how to start, which
> document/material can be recommended on this.

How to start _what_? What do you want to do?

> My keen interest in this filed make me free to any suggestions on that.
> Please lend your hands
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