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SubjectRe: Linux 2.2 and 2.4 VM systems analysed
Derek Glidden wrote:

> "An analysis of three Linux kernel VM systems"

Very interesting article.

I think it'ld be great to ask many people with different hardware to do
the same kind of tests on different hardware to see the results.
I don't have the time time, but in a week or two I'll gladly run them on
my computers if this can help.
(I've an Athlon 1.2G with 512M of DDR and an UDMA-66 hard disk)
But it'll be more interesting if the test "protocol" is somehow
standardized. (and don't use commercial softwares, I don't own Oracle so
I can't run a test needinf Oracle).

A linux user that want to give a small amount back in exchange to the
great work you all do on Linux,

** Gael Le Mignot, Ing3 EPITA, Coder of The Kilobug Team **
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"Software is like sex it's better when it's free.", Linus Torvalds

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