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SubjectRe: new OOM heuristic failure (was: Re: VM: qsbench)
> Hi,                                                                 
> shrink_caches can end up lying. shrink_dcache_memory and friends do
not tell
> shrink_caches how many pages they free so nr_pages can be bogus...
Is it worth
> fixing? The simpliest, harmlessly racey and not too pretty, code
follows. It
> would also not be hard to change the shrink_ calls to return the
number of pages
> shrunk, but this would hit more code...
> Comments?

I believe the idea of having a more precise nr_pages value can make a
difference. We are trying to estimate if swapping is needed, which is
pretty expensive. If we can avoid it by more accurately knowing what
is really going on (without _too_ much costs) we can only win.


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