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SubjectRe: graphical swap comparison of aa and rik vm
> also, if you merely sum the SI and SO columns for each:
> sum(SI) sum(SO) sum(SI+SO)
> Rik-VM 43564 317448 290032
> AA-VM 118284 171748 361012
> to me, this looks like the same point: Rik being SO-happy,
> Andrea having to SI a lot more. interesting also that Andrea wins the race,
> in spite of poorer SO choices and more swap traffic overall.

Just cause I didn't see anybody mentioned it yet: your statement is not
valid you switched the SI+SO values. It's 361012 for Rik-VM and 290032 for
AA-VM (easy to see as SO for Rik-VM is higher than the sum for Rik-VM in
your table ;-) ). So AA makes less swap traffic overall which does
actually explain at least partially why it wins the race.


Dirk Moerenhout ///// System Administrator ///// Planet Internet NV

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