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SubjectRe: [PATCH] again: Re: Athlon kernel crash (i686 works)
Il 13:45, martedì 9 ottobre 2001, VDA ha scritto:

> Anybody still insist that 'Athlon bug' patch is not to be
> included into mainstream kernel?
> If someone doesn't like it, feel free to make it a config
> option (enabled by default!) and submit an updated patch.
> My original patch against 2.4.9 is at the end.
> Tuesday, October 09, 2001, 11:32:24 AM,
> "Marco Berizzi" <> wrote:
> MB> I updated my motherboard from ASUS A7V to ABIT KT7A (VIA Apollo KT133A
> MB> chipset). The kernel I had (2.4.10) started crashing on boot usually
> MB> right after starting init. I tryed a i686 kernel and noticed it works
> MB> OK, so I recompiled my crashy kernel only switching the processor type
> MB> and it also worked. Changed it back to Athlon/K7/Duron and it starts
> MB> crashing.

Same problem here (oops at boot, athlon 1.2GHz, kernels 2.4.9 ->10, athlon
optimization. All goes right if I set i686 processor) but the patch didn't
work. I have a GA-7VMM / VIA KLE 133 AGPset Motherboard. The kernel still
oopses , it only changes color:) (white on black without patch, green on
black with patch applied.)
I will be happy to test any new patch, if this can help.
Fabio Coatti
Ferrara Linux User Group
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