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Subject[PATCH 2.4.11-pre6 and 2.4.10-ac10] MotionEye camera documentation update
This patchlet updates the documentation for the MotionEye
Vaio camera driver.

I've got several complaining about this comment missing,
so here it is.


diff -uNr --exclude-from=dontdiff linux-2.4.10-ac10.orig/Documentation/video4linux/meye.txt linux-2.4.10-ac10/Documentation/video4linux/meye.txt
--- linux-2.4.10-ac10.orig/Documentation/video4linux/meye.txt Wed Jul 4 23:41:33 2001
+++ linux-2.4.10-ac10/Documentation/video4linux/meye.txt Tue Oct 9 10:45:21 2001
@@ -4,7 +4,10 @@
Copyright (C) 2000 Andrew Tridgell <>

This driver enable the use of video4linux compatible applications with the
-Motion Eye camera.
+Motion Eye camera. This driver requires the "Sony Vaio Programmable I/O
+Control Device" driver (which can be found in the "Character drivers"
+section of the kernel configuration utility) to be compiled and installed
+(using its "camera=1" parameter).

It can do at maximum 30 fps @ 320x240 or 15 fps @ 640x480.

Stelian Pop <>
|---------------- Free Software Engineer -----------------|
| Alcôve - - Tel: +33 1 49 22 68 00 |
|------------- Alcôve, liberating software ---------------|
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