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SubjectRe: Dual Athlon XP 1800+ on Tyan Thunder K7 or Tiger MP anyone?
Am Mittwoch, 9. Oktober 2001 22:54 schrieb Robert Love:
> On Tue, 2001-10-09 at 18:17, Charles Cazabon wrote:
> > They work, but not "fine". There are performance issues with
> > Thunderbird-core Athlons in SMP configurations that may slow them down
> > somewhat.
> Are you sure it is related to SMP and not the fact the Palomino core is
> faster in general?

Yes and No. ;-)

Robert have a look at the direct comparisons of dual 1.2 GHz Athlon TB and
1.2 GHz Athlon MP. There are many flowting around. The Palomino core
enhancements are even at the same chip clock very good for SMP.

> I'm not saying non-Palomino-core Athlons don't have SMP issues.

They don't have issues but they are (much) slower in dual configurations for
specific test cases.

> I'm sure something is different -- a lot of errata is fixed (and added) in
> between core revisions. I'm just not so sure a measurable difference is
> easily shown...especially when there are other reasons for a performance
> increase in the core itself.

The differences _are_ easily shown.

So the Athlon XP (Palomino core) _IS_ the way to go...8-)

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