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SubjectRe[2]: RAID sync

Hi, Neil,

Tuesday, October 09, 2001, 3:26:32 AM, you wrote:

>> Kernel 2.4.6.SuSE-4GB-SMP, 2 CPU, 2Gb RAM, 4 HDD SCSI, M/B Intel L440GX.
>> Messages from dmesg:
NB> snip
>> md: now!
>> md: sdb2's event counter: 0000001c
>> md: sda2's event counter: 0000001d
NB> snip
>> Why RAID do not start synchronization ? It is normal ?

NB> Yes.
NB> A difference of 1 in the event counters isn't considered enough to
NB> treat on of them as old, and presumably the newest one (sda2) was
NB> marked clean.
NB> This could happen if the array was shut down cleanly, the new super
NB> block (with the dirty bit cleared) was written to sda2, but the new
NB> superblock was NOT written to sdb2 for some reason. In this situation
NB> there is no need to resync the array.

NB> Could this be what happened in your case?

Server is slow die (error in VM, server lost procfs) and rebooted by
'reboot -f'... I don't know what happen with RAID in this case.

NB> NeilBrown

Oleg A. Yurlov aka Kris Werewolf, SysAdmin OAY100-RIPN +7 095 332-03-88

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