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SubjectPossible change to ./scripts/split-include.c
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We are using CVS to keep track of the Linux kernels. I am trying to
solve a problem where split-include clobbers our CVS directory under
./include/config. I made a small change to split-include.c that only
finds files that are header files(.h). However, I am unsure of the
history of split-include, and am concerned about possible side effects.

If this change is reasonable, could you consider merging it into future
kernels. Attached is a diff -u for the change to split-include.c

Bob Miller

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--- split-include.c,orig Fri Oct 5 08:34:34 2001
+++ split-include.c Fri Oct 5 08:42:53 2001
@@ -188,7 +188,7 @@
* So by having an initial \n, strstr will find exact matches.

- fp_find = popen("find * -type f -print", "r");
+ fp_find = popen("find * -type f -name \"*.h\" -print", "r");
if (fp_find == 0)
ERROR_EXIT( "find" );

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