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SubjectPCI driver works, why not supporting the EISA bus too?
(Updated June 11, 2001; Created May 10, 2001)


Q5. What is the chipset of the embedded (integrated) SCSI on the
PL4500 and is there a Linux driver for it?
A5. The chipset for the embedded SCSI controller on the PL4500 is the
NCR53C825. The NCR53C8XX chipset in the PL4500 IS ON THE
EISA BUS. Two drivers exist for the PCI version of this chipset:
NCR53C8xx and SYM53c8xx; however, these drivers ONLY work with
the PCI bus and WILL NOT WORK with the EISA bus. So the answer
is: No, there is no Linux driver for the embedded SCSI controller
on the PL4500.

The reference is

<TITLE>Linux and Compaq PL4500</TITLE>

<LINK REV="made" HREF="">
<META NAME="author" content="Richard Black">
<META name="keywords" content="linux, Linux, compaq, Compaq, PL4500, ProLiant
<META name="description" content="Installing Linux on a Compaq ProLiant
(PL4500) server.">


Shaul Karl <>

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