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SubjectRe: Odd keyboard related crashes.

> >>> Ian Stirling <> 10/05/01 05:01AM >>>
> >I'm running 2.4.10, and the ps/2 keyboard came out of it's socket.
> >On plugging back in, all worked fine, until 10 seconds later there was a
> >crash. (the keyboard worked after being plugged in)
> >No oops, just a reboot.
> >Thinking this must just have been a wierd coincidence, after the system
> >came back up, I tried it again, and again it crashed a few seconds afterwards.
> >It doesn't seem to want to do this again though.
> When the keyboard is powered up (or plugged in), it goes through a self test, and reports the status back to the PC. Normally, a start up dialogue takes place between the PC and the keyboard at this point.
> That's fine when you boot your PC, but if you unplug then re-plug the keyboard, the PC will be sent data it's really not expecting, and the BIOS will be very confused.
> If you ever want to switch a keyboard between PCs, make sure you leave power supplied to it at all times.

BIOS is not alive enough at the time linux boots. This can't be BIOS
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