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SubjectRe: Linux should not set the "PnP OS" boot flag
> This change has to be permanent.  Linux should never automatically
> set the boot flag, no matter how PnP-competent we make it.
> The reason is that setting the flag affects what the BIOS will
> do on the _subsequent_ boot. But Linux can't possibly know
> which operating system will be booted _next time_. This is
> something that has to be left up to the user to control.

When it cuts your reboot time right down then its a very useful thing to
set. Also remember that this is entirely configurable. In fact the last
stage of a pnp aware bootup requires that user space sets the "booted ok"

> a "quick boot" flag, but the time savings involved must be on the
> order of milliseconds. All that we seem to achieve by booting

On some boxes they are much higher

> If I'm right, then bootflag.c should be modified (see my patch)
> to remove the bit that sets the flag. It would be nice,
> however, if the flag could be controlled via a /proc entry.

No need. It's all already handled

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