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SubjectRe: Tyan Tiger MP AMD760 chipset support
On Sun, Oct 07, 2001 at 01:23:49PM -0400, Willem Riede wrote:
> with reference to AMD760 (IDE?) support on a Tyan K7 Thunder,
> I was somewhat surprised to find the chipset:
> AMD-762 North bridge & AMD-766 South bridge
> Winbond W83627HF Super I/O ASIC
> Winbond W83782D hardware monitoring ASIC
> only partly recognized by my 2.4.9ac18 based kernel.
> One problem is that the temperature sensors are not detected
> (I'm reluctant to torture my system if I can't watch out for
> it overheating).
> Does anyone know the AMD760 support status? Any pointers
> for (experimental) patches?

Look into the lm_sensors patch; it supports many such hardware
monitoring chips, and I believe that yours is one of them.
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