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SubjectAIC7xxx panic
I got a reproducible panic while running dbench simulating 25+ clients,
the new aic7xxx driver panics with "Too few segs for dma mapping.
"Increase AHC_NSEG". The partition in question is FAT32 and on a
different disk than /, I'm not using HIGHMEM. I am using XFS and the
preempt patches, but I don't think they're related to the panic.

The odd thing, is if I run dbench in the same manner on my / partition,
which is on a different disk on the same controller, it goes fine. It
seems, to my untrained eye anyway, to be a bad interaction between the
vfat driver and the aic7xxx driver.

I'm using the old aic7xxx driver right now and it's fine, has anyone
else seen anything like this?

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