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SubjectRe: Some ext2 errors
Hi Mike.

>> First i thought this errors has some relation with kernel 2.4.10
>> and e2fsprogs, but i switched back to 2.4.9 and again i got this
>> ext2_check_page error.
>> Oct 6 17:11:08 fargo kernel: EXT2-fs error (device ide0(3,1)):
>> ext2_check_page: bad entry in directory #423505: unaligned directory entry
>> - offset=0, inode=6517874, rec_len=12655, name_len=48

> This error caused by below error...

>> Oct 6 17:11:08 fargo kernel: hda: status error: status=0x58 { DriveReady
>> SeekComplete DataRequest }

> I've only seen this myself when I've been messing with hdparm on
> a ide drive

I see this regularly on one of my systems, and hdparm has never even
been insatalled on that system. If I put the drive in a different
system, the drive reports clean, but whatever drive I put in here
regularly reports that problem.

As far as I can tell, it's a problem with the PSU in the computer in
question, as I can swap ANYTHING else in there, motherboard included,
without the problem going away on that drive, but as soon as I swap
the PSU, the problems vanish - even if I put a PSU with a lower rating
in its place.

>> Oct 6 17:11:08 fargo kernel: hda: drive not ready for command
>> Oct 6 17:11:08 fargo kernel: hdb: ATAPI DVD-ROM drive, 512kB Cache
>> Oct 6 17:11:08 fargo kernel: Uniform CD-ROM driver Revision: 3.12
>> Oct 6 17:11:09 fargo kernel: VFS: Disk change detected on device
>> ide0(3,64)
>> Any hints are welcome, thanks.

> Yeah. If you can't figure out hdparm, leave it alone.

Who says hdparm has anything to do with it?

Best wishes from Riley.

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