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    SubjectRe: [POT] Which journalised filesystem ?

    > > > > We (as in Linux) should make sure that we explicitly tell the disk when
    > > > > we need it to flush its disk buffers. We don't do that right, and
    > > > > because of _our_ problems some people claim that writeback caching is
    > > > > evil and bad.
    > > >
    > > > Does this even work right for IDE ?
    > >
    > > Current IDE drives it may be a NOP. Worse than that it would totally ruin
    > > high end raid performance. We need to pass write barriers. A good i2o card
    > > might have 256Mb of writeback cache that we want to avoid flushing - because
    > > it is battery backed and can be ordered.
    > If the cache is small and is primarily a track cache (IDE) one trick that
    > we can do is to flood the cache with data so everything is forced out.
    > We can do this at mkfs time, (so even destructive tests are allowed)
    > and we can probe how to make this work for a particular drive. And
    > then the kernel can just use the results of that probe.

    How do you probe this without actually powering system down?
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