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SubjectRe: sun + gigabit nic
>>>>> "kernel" == kernel  <> writes:

kernel> On Fri, 5 Oct 2001, David S. Miller wrote:

>> No patches needed, 2.2.x (and 2.4.x) supports Syskonnect gigabit
>> cards out of the box.
>> Acenic is supported in 2.4.x, although I don't know why not in
>> 2.2.x as that should be trivial to make work...

kernel> so the Syskonnect SK-9D21 is supported ?

kernel> what about 3com and intel 1000base-t cards ? (which are much
kernel> lower priced compared to syskonnect)

3Com 3C985 series is supported by the AceNIC driver. The Intel cards
are only supported by an Intel provided driver which has license and
patent issues afaik.

kernel> also where can i found more info about Acenic ?
kernel> ( doesn't work)

AceNIC basically covers the following cards: Alteon AceNIC, 3Com
3C985(B), NetGear GA620(T) and some cards from Farallon, DEC, HP & SGI
which I do not remember the model numbers of.

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