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Subject2.4.11-pre vs Red Hat, ac kernels
I've been running 2.4.10 and 2.4.11-pre kernels on
my desktops at work and at home, am am generally
happy -

However, I have been doing some testing on a
Red Hat 7.1 box, a Compaq 6500 with 4 CPUs
and 1.2 GB RAM -

With any 2.4.11-pre kernel so far, the machine locks
up hard within seconds of starting a dbench run.
No log entries, and SysRq keys have no effect -
The power button is the only option in this case.

Just for giggles, I tried 2.4.10-ac6, which survived
a brutal round of dbench testing with no problems.

I also tried the roswell (2.4.7) and rawhide (2.4.9)
kernels from Red Hat, and they are both rock solid
as well in this testing.

more info on request -



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