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SubjectRe: OOM-Killer in 2.4.11pre4
On Sat, Oct 06, 2001 at 05:06:53PM +0200, Christian Bornträger wrote:
> > to test the oom killer you should try to run out of memory sometime.
> I used a test program with an endless dummy=new char[1024] loop.

This loop doesn't generate any page fault, it just allocates virtual

> Bytheway,I had this problem without highmem - only 512 MB, and my problem is

I cannot reproduce anything like that here with 512M on 2.4.11pre3aa1.
the reports I had where all with 4G of ram, in particular with the 3.5G
of virtual memory per-process on x86 which increases the pressure on the
normal zone that in turn showed me the problem.

Anyways now that I think to have seen the issues with normal zone
faliures I will try to address them soon without having to introduce
deadlock prone code into -aa. Probably not today but I hope tomorrow or
on Monday.

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