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SubjectRe: low-latency patches
Andrew Morton [] wrote:
> Bob McElrath wrote:
> > 3) Is there a possibility that either of these will make it to non-x86
> > platforms? (for me: alpha) The second patch looks like it would
> > straightforwardly work on any arch, but the for it is only in
> > arch/i386. Robert Love's patches would need some arch-specific asm...
> The rescheduling patch should work fine on any architecture - just copy
> the arch/i386/ changes.

I'm running it (2.4.10-pre4-low-latency) on my alpha now, so if you want to add
the appropriate magic to arch/alpha/, please do.

Unfortunately, the use-once stuff broke again in the vm of this kernel, and now
I can't perceive any advantage due to low-latency because of all the swapping. :(

-- Bob

Bob McElrath (
Univ. of Wisconsin at Madison, Department of Physics
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